“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
                	 	 It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true
                		 art and true science.”
						  							  - Albert Einstein

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The Schumann Resonance Frequency Receiver

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Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz

The earth/ionosphere wave guide resonances were first predicted and mathematically described in 1952 by W. O. Schumann, the man who’s name is now synonymous with the phenomenon. He also became the first to report in open literature the experimental detection of this phenomenon (1954). Much conjecture has occurred as to whether Tesla was aware of, and able to utilize, the earth/ionosphere cavity resonance. We tend to believe he did not, but that issue continues to be a contentious one. Presented here is a relatively simple means for the amateur experimenter to monitor theSchumann resonances. The Schumann resonances manifest themselves as spectral peaks in the natural background EM noise levels. Most easily detected are the first 4 “modes” which occur at roughly 7.8 Hz, 14 Hz, 20 Hz and 26 Hz. The signal levels involved fall into the low picoTesla/microvolt range. As the mode order increases, signal strength decreases. Most “professionals” monitor the magnetic component of the peaks using large induction coils. This method has the advantage of being immune to the ambient weather conditions (the coils are often buried), easy to calibrate and suffering from lower levels of man made and natural interferance. Unfortunately, to have the required sensitivity at the frequencies of interest, the sensor coils must either be physically large in area, contain a huge number of turns or be wound on special very high permeability cores. To set up such an induction enviroment would be beyond the financial and practical means of most. It is due to these restraints that we at contact 51 took on the challenge many years ago to investigate and make possible the possibility that the Earth's resonance frequency should and could be made available to humanity. That's when we got to thinking, there is much more to be researched, especially with our group's interest in crystals and gem stones. Lew Joubert, a world renown electronics engineer and investigative scientist as well as the chief researcher has had a special interest in Crystals having been involved with their usage for more than thirty years when the reasearch began. After twenty seven years of research into the fundumentals and dynamics of Crystals Lew became aware of something that no other living or past scientific explorer had uncovered, and that was the undisputable fact that Crystals, once taken out of and away from their original environment started a long gradual energy decay. Lew evolved a mathematical formula to calculate the energy capacity and useful lifespan of a Crystal. The explanation above is about Schumann Resonance, so we will end discussion here as we have covered and explained Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz) enough for the purpose of this site. There is a lot of material available covering the topic should one wish to study it further. Take a look through this website and find out how our team of engineers and scientists under the guidance of Lew came to finally put together the amazing ElectroMagnetic Photon Emitter that is capable of restoring the energy levels of a Crystal.

About the Crystal Re-Energizer

As you know, and it's is well documented, Crystals are used in many different ways by a variety of pseudo-medical practitioners, healers, Wellness clinics and so on. Crystals, as well as many other Gem Stones, provide energy by way of natural vibratory forces that resonate with nature. This unique vibratory force is a combination of multiple electro-magnetic fields combining to create a concentrated resonance that is unique and in tune with the natural frequency of out planet Earth. A Crystal itself is made up naturally by all these forces. We will relate to this herein as the Crystal's "Energy". This electro-magnetic field comprises energy at frequencies derived from the spectrum covering ultra-low, sub audio, audio, light, through the infra red, ultra violet and radio through high frequency, very high frequency, ultra high frequency and beyond into areas not yet used or even discovered yet by mankind. We are using the term Crystal here, which in the context of this article will be used to cover all Gem Stones. The purpose of this text is not to explain the use of Crystals, that we assume you are already familiar with, here we will explain the workings of our Crystall Re-Energizer and it's importance in the life of a Crystal. Think about it. No matter what you use you Crystal for, it is emitting energy as well as absorbing energy - and sometimes the energy it absorbs is not always positive either! As we well know, a Crystal will never emit negative energy, never - that would be totally against the way in which it was created. However it can and does collect negative energy, which in turn reduces the Crystal's ability to generate the energy it so deperately desire to emit. This is known as the Tired Crystal Syndrome (TCS). The result of this reduced efficiency is not always readily detectable. Over the years we have heard from those using Crystals that they sometimes go through a period where their work is not as effective as it once was. They find that if they take time off, sometimes a few months and then return to continue their work, their overall efficiency and effectiveness picks up again and they once again obtain the results they where used to. For some Crystal users and practitioners this is not a problem as their use of Crystals is of a part time nature. The problem is for those that rely on the use of their skills and Crystals for a livelyhood. They just cannot afford the downtime. After many, many years of reasearch and development, working on our own as well as with many exeptionally skilled professionals in a wide variety of fields where the use of Crystals was the centre of their attention, we applied our technical skills in electronic and scientific laboratories whilst working in three countries and have eventually through exhaustive testing eventually come up with an instrument that solves the "Tired Crystal Syndrome". Our Crystal Re-Energizer performs the following actions:-
  • Purging
  • Cleansing
  • Stabalization
  • Re-Energize
  • The instrument performs the above actions by recreating and applying the forces and energies of nature that were present when the crystal was created. The combined and multiplexed electro-magnetic energies as described earlier are emitted by the specially designed antennae and combination of the required energies. This means that the energies required by a crystal to achieve the four actions to re-energize it are applied via special light transmission media and built in radio frequency antennae. The required light frequencies are combined with specific radio frequency signals to produce a complex composite beat-frequency that encompasses all the necessary requirements that will purge, cleanse, stabalize and re-energize the crystal. Irrespective of crystal size, this instrument will re-energize the crystal with remarkable results. As a guide, a crystal weighing between 1 gram and 500 grams will be purged, cleansed, stabalized and re-energized after one hour exposure to the instrument. There is no reason why the instrument cannot be left turned on permanently. The signals produced and emitted by the instrument will enhance the atmosphere in the room, promote wellness for everything within a radius not greater than 3 metres. All crystals and gemstones within this radius will be kept in top energized condition. Although not what the instrument was intended for, reports have been received of healthier indoor plant growth amongst plants that were kept in the same room where crystals were being re-energized. To ensure that this effect was not perhaps due to stimulation from the crystals, the crystals were removed from the room, the same results were noted. Comparisons were made between the same plants being planted and grown in adjacent rooms - the plants within the crystal re-energizing rooms were in every case healthier. However as mentioned, this was only a byproduct result noticed and was not the intention when designing and developing the instrument. This could be an area to investigate for an interested party. Many years of research and development, testing and more testing, trial and error, thinking outside the square, brain storming plus too many to mention very late nights eventually lead to a major breakthrough in the eventual development of this amazing instrument. Every etching and the symbols on the light emitting antenna, the configuration and dimensions of the built in antennae, the programmed algorythms in the controlling microprocessor, the critical selection of light emitting colours photons, and the finely regulated power output of the frequencies and electro-magnetic radiated signals. Some of the signals used in creating the composite burst pulse signals are:-
  • 0.1Hz
  • 10Hz - 12Hz
  • 37Hz
  • 150kHz
  • 450kHz
  • RED 620 ~ 645nm-pHz
  • GREEN 520 ~ 550nm-pHz
  • BLUE 460 ~ 490nm-pHz
  • AMBER 570 ~ 590nm-pHz

    Questions and Answers

    Q Can the Re-Energizer be left on permanently A Yes Q Can the Re-Energizer be used on any Gemstone A Yes Q Can the Re-Energizer cause any damage to a crystal A No Q Should I clean my crystal periodically A Yes. Keeping it clean will ensure best performance Q What is minimum time exposure for re-energizing a crystal A Depends on size. Typically one hour per 500 grams within 3 metre radius of the Re-Energizer Q What do I use to clean a crystal A Use a soft lint free cloth dampened with out Cleansing Water to wipe it down. Then leave to stand and air dry. Be weary of some polishes, they can cause minute scratches hardly visible, or sometimes invisible to the eye. These scratches will detract from the crystals ability to perform as per its origin. Q What is Hz? A Hz is the abreviation for Hertz, the measurement of frequency. In days gone by frequency measurement was described as Cycles per Second (cps or c/s). kHz is thousands of cycles per second, and mHz is millions of cycles per second.
      Contact 51 is a small owner-operated company dedicated to the development of alternate science based equipment
      through the use of sophisticated electronics technology.
      A small dedicated team working in colaboration with many researchers worldwide, sharing their knowledge in the
      quest for ultimate perfection.
      Contact 51 is headed by Lew Joubert who himself has spent more than 50 years working and researching in this
      most challenging field in three countries.
      His relentless dedication and attention to detail has lead to the development of numerous firsts in the industry.
      The most recent development having been thity nine years in various stages of development is the amazing one-of-
      a-kind Modulated Electromagnetic Photon Emitter. This piece of equipment is being acclaimed as an outstanding
      piece of technology, a technological marvel!
      The Modulated Electromagnetic Photon Emitter, known as the Crystal EnergizerRe-Genenerator is the brain child of Lew
      As well as the Crystal Emitter, Contact 51 has produced designs for a vast range of equipment for other companies, as
      part of it's daily ongoing activity.
      Each and every piece of equipment supplied by Contact 51 is hand built and assembled per order. This means that there
      is no off-the-shelf stock available for immediate delivery. Every order is treated individually under the personal
      supervision of Lew Joubert himself ensuring that any product leaving contact 51 is of the highest standard and fully
      meets the expectation of the customer.


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    How the Re-Energizer works

    NOTE: We refer to crystals in the text, this encompasses all gemstones as well The Re-energizer provides the necessary energies and forces to "recharge" crystals and gemstones. After decades of reasearch and tests, we eventually arrived at the secret algorithm that enabled us to develop the amazingly powerful Modulated ElectroMagnetic Photon Emitter, the Crystal Re-Energizer. A crystal takes eons to be created. Forces and energies of nature are at the heart of a crystals creation. Besides their natural beauty for use in jewellery, a very important use is in the natural healing industry. Healers, naturopaths, traditional medicine, homeopaths amongst others make use of crystals. The natural energies that a crystal emits include the 432Hz Healing frequency, Schumann resonance at 7.83Hz as well photon emissions in selected frequencies of the Light Spectrum. What we found during our research was the a crystal's loses it's natural emission of these energies over time due to factors such as it being removed from it's original creation environment, having been broken into small pieces of the original crystal, located in a forgein environment, having attracked negative energies, current immediate enviromment influences such as electrical interference from the likes of radios, electrical appliances, cell phones etc. Many Healers report that their ability to heal has deminished and that they do not achieve the results they once did. Very often these Healers resort to purchasing new crystals as they come to realize that the crystals they are using are not producing the results. The algorithm we developed encompasses sophisticated mathematical calculations, digital signal processing and advanced micro-processor technology to produce energies and forces that can be directed into a crystal thereby restorong it's energy and thus effectiveness, akin to re-charging a battery! We discovered that by combining certain electro-magnetic frequencies with photon emission from specific light spectrum frequencies we could create a composite mixed signal. This composite signal then uses a radio frequency carrier signal of 1.25mHz which is amplitude modulated and modulating this multiplexed signal directed at the crystal to be re-energized. The 1.25mHz carrier frequency is extremely important as it is at this frequency that the crystal permits absorbtion of the complex composite multiplexed signal comprising the pulses of energy created by the algorithm from the Re-Energizer. The Re-Energizer goes through four distinct cycles as it re-energizes the crystal. They are: * Purge cycle * Cleanse cycle * Stabalize cycle * Re-energize cycle Each of these cycles produces a very specific combination of energies as described above in exact amounts over a very exact time period as prescribed by our algorithm. Purge cycle - Removes negative energies as well as any emssion obfuscation caused by environmental issues Cleanse cycle - Excitation of inner latice modules of the crystal and re-alignment of platelets Stabalization cycle - Gets all inner forces correctly set to accept re-energization Re-Energize cycle - Total re-enegization of the crystsl by application of energies as per our proprietory secret algorithm The Re-Energizer can be left turn off indefinately and a crystal/s left within range with no ill effect. A crystal cannot be over energized due to our secret algorithm. Once a crystal is re-energized it will simply ignore any further signals beamed at it. A crystal will only accept re-energization as and if it requires it. View a Video on the Re-Energizer

    Melatonin Production for Sleep

    (NOTE: Coming soon - in final developement stage)
    Do you have problems getting a good nights sleep? If you answer yes, then you need our Muti-Light, the Melatonin Producing Lamp. Exposure to artificial light after dusk and before bedtime may reduce sleep quality by suppressing production of the hormone melatonin and may also have other negative health effects, according to a new study. Melatonin, produced by the brain's pineal gland at night, regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Exposure to Amber/Orange light has been shown to assist the production of Melatonin in the human body. Our light goes a few steps further by emitting the amber light at a frequency of 432Hz with intermitant modulation of the light at 7.83Hz, the Schumann Resonance frequency. So not only do you get the Melatonin producing light, you also get natures Healing frequncy of 432Hz as well as mother Earth's natural resonance frequency of 7.83Hz all at once! Here is information on Schumann Resonance Frequency 7.83Hz Here is information on Natural Healing Frequency 432Hz The Light Spectrum Further information on Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. Very small amounts of it are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. You can also buy it as a supplement. Melatonin is commonly promoted as a sleep aid. In many countries it is available over the counter, so quite widely used. In Australia it requires a prescription, with some formulations in homeopathic doses able to be found in health food stores. But is melatonin helpful for sleep? What is melatonin? Melatonin is a substance that is normally produced in the brain by the pineal gland. When we receive light to specific receptors in the back of the eye a signal comes from the eye to the pineal gland in the brain and suppresses the production of melatonin. When light decreases melatonin production gradually increases and remains high during when it is dark. When we are again exposed to light in the morning melatonin production is suppressed and melatonin levels drop. In years gone by melatonin for use as a treatment was produced from animals’ brains such as cows. But for many years this has not been the case and melatonin that is used as a treatment is all synthetically produced and therefore there is no risk of contamination or infection. What does melatonin do to sleep? Melatonin has two main effects on sleep: 1. Hypnotic Effect: Melatonin has an effect that can make people feel more sleepy, get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer. Not everyone is susceptible to this effect and studies of using melatonin as a sleeping pill have generally been in people that are older. This is why in Australia it is marketed for use in people over the age of 55 for up to three months only, as this is where there is the best evidence to support its use as a sleeping tablet. A meta-analysis summarising the research for melatonin as a sleeping tablet was published in PLOS One in 2013. It showed that melatonin got people to sleep 7 minutes quicker, and kept them asleep 8 minutes longer as well as improving sleep quality. The authors concluded that melatonin was effective, but less effective than other prescription medications such as benzodiazepines. However, because of the low rate of side-effects with melatonin it was worth considering. In other countries where melatonin is more widely available it is often used as a sleeping tablet but people report that it is variably effective. Some people report they get a good response to melatonin whereas others find it does not do much in terms of helping their sleep. This most likely relates to differences in genetic makeup and susceptibility to the sedating effects of melatonin. 2. Clock-shifting Effect: This is where there is the best evidence for use of melatonin, to shift the internal body clock in conditions where it is out of synch such as jet lag. There is also increasing research on use of melatonin for the circadian rhythm disorder, delayed sleep-wake phase disorder, where people have trouble getting to sleep and find they are waking progressively later each day. How is melatonin taken? Decisions about use of melatonin should be made in consultation with your healthcare professional, as in Australia it is a prescription medication. In general if it is being used as a sleeping tablet for its sleep-promoting effects it should be taken around one hour before people intend to go to sleep. However, if the use is more for its clock-shifting effects it is preferable to take it some hours before people wish to go to sleep. Day And Night bear in mind that by taking melatonin you are trying to give the brain a signal that it is dark outside, so generally aim to take melatonin around the same time that the sun is going down to help the body better synchronise with the normal light-dark schedule of the environment. It's also why being careful about exposure to light after taking melatonin is important, as light, particularly of the blue-green wavelength, can suppress melatonin production. For more information seek information on light therapy and on managing circadian rhythm disorders. What forms of melatonin are available? In Australia the only formulation of melatonin that is readily available is called Circadin. It is a slow-release 2 mg preparation that is available only on prescription. The best evidence for the use of Circadin is trials in people over the age of 55 for use for up to three months in the treatment of insomnia, so this is how it is approved for use in Australia. This also means that the information in the packets of Circadin sold in Australia focus on it's use in this way. Other formulations of melatonin can be made up to order by a compounding pharmacy. It can be made in doses ranging from 0.1 mg up to as high as 18 mg and in suspension or capsules. It can also be made in either short-acting, rapid-onset or longer-acting slow-onset formulations. In general when using melatonin for its clock-shifting effect studies have used shorter-acting formulations taken some hours before desired sleep onset. But the data is very variable and there are no hard and fast rules or strong data to direct which formulation should be used in all circumstances. In addition there is a lot of variability in the response to melatonin so while some people will respond well to quite small doses such as 0.1 mg to 0.5 mg, other people find they need higher doses to get an effect. Melatonin is usually quite well tolerated and in general is considered safe. The most common side effects are feeling more sleepy the following morning, headaches and dizziness. So as can be seen, taking melatonin can be beneficial but can produce other problems in some form or another in some people. This is why using a light source to stimulate the body's own mechanism to produce melatonin naturally makes more sense.

    432 Hertz - The Healing Frequency

    To understand the healing power behind 432Hz, you must first learn about another frequency - 7.83Hz. 7.83Hz is fundamental “beat” of the planet as calculated first by Winfried Schumann. However due to variations in conditions and forces in the Universe that influence our planet, the average over time is taken as 8Hz and is used to calculate the 432Hz healing frequency. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952. Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequency of 7.83Hz. The “ordinary” thought waves created by the human brain range from 14Hz to 40Hz. This range only includes certain types of dendrites belonging to brain cells, predominantly within the left (the more rational) hemisphere of the brain, which is the center of activity. If the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other at 7.83Hz, they work more harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information. In other words, the frequency of 7.83Hz seems to be the key to the full and sovereign activation potential of our brain. 7.83Hz is also the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication. Melatonin and Pinoline work on the DNA, inducing an 7.83Hz signal to enable metosis and DNA replication. A form of body temperature superconductivity is evident in this process. What 7.83Hz (8Hz) has to do with 432Hz tuning 432Hz resonates with the frequency of 8Hz On the musical scale where A has a frequency of 440Hz, the note C is at about 261.656 Hz. On the other hand, if we take 8Hz (7.83Hz) as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves (i.e. by the seven notes in the scale five times), we reach a frequency of 256Hz in whose scale the note A has a frequency of 432Hz. According to the harmonic principle by which any produced sound automatically resonates all the other multiples of that frequency, when we play C at 256 Hz, the C of all other octaves also begins to vibrate in “sympathy” and so, naturally, the frequency of 8Hz ()7.83Hz is also sounded. This is why (together with many other mathematical reasons) the musical pitch tuned to 432 oscillations per second is known as the “scientific tuning.” This tuning was unanimously approved at the Congress of Italian musicians in 1881 and recommended by the physicists Joseph Sauveur and Felix Savart as well as by the Italian scientist Bartolomeo Grassi Landi. In contrast, the frequency chosen in London in 1953 as the worldwide reference frequency and which all music today has been tuned to, has come to be defined as ‘disharmonic’ because it has no scientific relationship to the physical laws that govern our universe. Natural healing with 432Hz 432Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature. According to the above information, playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432Hz would make your body, and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in a natural way. This would fill you with a sense of peace and well-being, regardless of the kind of song chosen to play or listen to. Opening your ears for music that has been tuned to the “scientific” 432Hz frequency would benefit the entire planet and everyone who lives on it, while listening to music tuned to the “disharmonic” 440Hz frequency does harm by causing stress, negative behaviors and unstable emotions. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside your body, releases emotional blockages, and expands consciousness. 432Hz music allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe around us in a more intuitive way. What is 432 Hz tuning? A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. The universal music of sacred geometry According to Brain T. Collins, a musician and researcher, the standard pitch (A=440 Hz) does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration. The greatest musicians, such as Mozart and Verdi, based their music on the natural vibration of A=432. It’s true that it is only 8 vibrations per second different from the standard tuning, but this small difference seems to be remarkable to our human consciousness. There’s a growing musical and metaphysical movement for recovering optimal integrity in the music industry and spirituality through the 432Hz tuning. In April 2008 Dutch journalist Richard Huisken founded the ‘back to 432 Hz’ committee, claiming that this original tuning was used in ancient cultures and is found on antique instruments like the Stradivarius violin. The healing benefits According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz. 432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, “the feeling”, and therefore could have a good influence on the spiritual development of the listener. Some people who are not able to distinguish the 7.83Hz difference claim they can feel the music warmer due to the longer wavelength. Listen to 432Hz and enjoy living in balance Because 432 Hz gives a greater clarity than 440 Hz, there’s less need to play it as loud as 440 Hz. This means less hearing damage, as long as you put the volume not too high. Furthermore there’s also less noise pressure. Researchers and musicians, such as Coreen Morsink (pianist and music teacher), report that they feel calmer, happier and more relaxed when playing music at 432Hz. Music based on this natural tone is more transparent, more marked, gives an obvious musical picture and the overtones and undertones moves more freely. Music based on 440 Hz represents stuffed emotions and blocked energy. By lowering the pitch by just 8 Hz, you became more flexible and spontaneous. The 432 Hz tuning releases your energy and takes you into a beautiful state, where relaxation is natural. Where does it come from? According to Ananda Bosman, international researcher and musician, archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to A=432Hz. Ancient Greeks tuned their instruments predominantly to 432Hz. Within the archaic Greek Eleusenian Mysteries, Orpheus is the god of music, death and rebirth, and was the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of transformation. His instruments were tuned at 432Hz. Orpheus playing at in harmony with nature Guiseppe Verdi, an Italian composer, placed A exactly at 432 Hz. He did this because this tuning is ideal for opera voices. Jamie Buturff, sound researcher, found out that some Tibetan monks used this tuning in their hand-made instruments. He put a CD with Tibetan singing bowls into his player and used a Korg tuner to discover that the bowls were all harmonic to the 432 music scale. This musical tuning can be found throughout various religions and cultures of the ancient world. It seems that implementing it into the musical instruments was a good choice. Even today, many musicians report positive effects from retuning to 432 Hz, such as better audience response and a more laid-back feel to their performances. Why the modern world forgot about this tuning This is because in 1885 it already had been decided that A at 440 Hz had to be the standard tuning. A year earlier, Guiseppe Verdi wrote a letter addressed to the Music Commission of the Italian Government. In the letter he writes: “Since France has adopted a standard pitch, I advised that the example should also be followed by us; and I formally requested that the orchestras of various cities of Italy, among them that of the Scala [Milan], to lower the tuning fork to conform to the standard French one. If the musical commis­sion instituted by our government believes, for mathematical exigencies, that we should reduce the 435 vibrations of French tuning fork to 432, the difference is so small, almost imper­ceptible to the ear, that I associate myself most willingly with this.” Guiseppe Verdi Unfortunately, the great composer was unsuccessful in his attempt. The American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 as the standard pitch in 1917. Around 1940 the United States introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard. There is a theory that the change from 432Hz to 440Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. The Joseph Goebbels theory is certainly interesting, but the true reason of the shift to 440Hz is still not clearly explained. Before 440Hz became the standard, a variety of tunings were used. The controversy over tuning still rages, with proponents of 432Hz claiming it as being more natural than the current standard. Because of that, the “back to 432Hz” committee wants to get people acquainted with its qualities, and therefore hopes that the industry will change the musician standard. However, changing the current standard won’t be a simple task, and it’s not because of the influence of any nefarious organization. In my opinion, the reason is more trivial. Most musical instruments can be adjusted in principle, but it’s not so easy for every instrument. For example, most woodwind instruments cannot play in 432Hz because changing the pitch will also change the internal harmonic structure of the whole instrument. The change would require building new instruments. Let the music of the spheres play inside you! 432Hz unites you with the universal harmony This musical pitch is connected to the numbers used in the construction of a variety of ancient works and sacred places, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. It’s also more friendly for your ears. For many people, it is nicer for hearing – softer, brighter and more beautiful than music in 440 Hz. 432Hz is based in nature and therefore it generates healthy effects among the listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension and connects you with a higher consciousness. The pure and clean energy of 432Hz removes mental block and opens a way to a more fulfilling life. Many ancient instruments are adjusted at 432Hz. It is because the ancients knew that this tone is closely related to the universe around us. Don’t throw away their knowledge. The universal and natural tuning of 432Hz is waiting to be discovered by you.