Pictures of a Valve Saver typical installation into a Marshall JCM2000/TSL100 amplifier

Carefully mark the position for the indicator LED then drill a small pilot hole first before drilling the actual size required

After completing the pilot hole, drill to the size required to fit the LED bezel. Don't forget to remove all metal drill shavings from inside the chassis

In the Marshall TSL100 chassis we found the ideal spot for mounting the Valve Saver was up near the power transformer - fits very snugly here.

Depending on the amplifier being installed, choose a good clear spot.

Next drill a hole in the chassis' rear to mount the Valve Saver ON/OFF switch. It worked out neatly for this Marshall chassis

The ON/OFF switch viewed from outside. The labelling was applied using peal off lettering. Makes such as Letraset etc. work fine

The input socket is located at the opposite end of this chassis. Connect the Valve Savers' coaxial input cable directly onto the amplifiers guitar input socket - observing polarity! (screen)

Run the coax along the inside front of the chassis above the control potentiometers. A few dabs of glue along the way to keep it in place. No induced hum was measured, so all is good!

Complete the wiring ensuring all connections are firm. Make 100 percent sure that all iron files/pieces of metal etc. are removed from the chassis.

Make sure the standby switch is OFF. Turn the amplifier power ON and the Valve Saver indicator LED on the front panel will flash RED ON and OFF repeatedly until the warm-up period is complete.

Once the warm-up period is over, the indicator LED turns green which means the HT (B+) voltage has been applied to the valves and the amplifier is ready to use

This is how the amp looks like from the front with the Valve Saver fitted

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