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We are located in Brisbane, Queensland
- Established 2005 -

  • Circuit and Equipment Repairs
  • Printed Circuit Board Repairs
  • Circuit and PCB Design
  • Hardwired Control circuits
  • Hardware Development
  • Software Development

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    We are a small service orientated business located in Brisbane. Our customers are located throughout Australia and overseas.

    Our primary business is the repair and service of "Things Electronic".

    Due to modern technology it is often the case where items are not worth repairing, and this is where our honesty policy comes in.
    In such cases we advise our customers accordingly and without charge.

    A large percentage of the repairs we conduct arrive at our workshop by courier, such as small items and PC boards.
    Depending on the item to be repaired we set up an 'Urgency Priority Profile' with each customer. The way this works is that we
    establish with our customers at the outset of our association with them as well as ongoing, the type of urgency each piece of equipment
    sent to us for repairs has. That way we ensure that their items are attended to in a time frame suitable to their requirements.

    In many instances a fixed price is negotiated for the repair to an item, this method is typically used when we repair printed circuit
    boards on a continuous basis where the customer uses the boards as replacement boards for their field service teams.

    Although printed circuit boards are mass produced and the price of replacement boards became reasonable, the trend recently has
    been an upward spiral, where in so many cases companies are finding it more economical to have boards refurbished. This is where
    our repair service comes in. Send us the faulty board, we repair it and get it back to you at an affordable rate.

    In cases where certain components on the boards are either proprietory or not possible to replace, we advise accordingly and
    generally no charge is levied, or at worst a small examination fee by negotiation. Fairness is the name of our game!

    Our customers benefit by not having to employ full time technical bench repair technicians, especially when they do not have enough
    work for them, or it does not warrant them fitting out a repair workshop and the associated cost of tools and instruments. Their technical
    staff concentrate on their field repairs by exchanging boards, and send us the equipment's internal control pc boards for repair or
    refurbishment, resulting in costs to their customers and themselves being contained and their service department does not become a
    burden to the company, especially servicing of warranty products.

    We also undertake field service work in some cases, conditions apply one of which is that the calls are fairly local to us.

    As a point of interest, we can if required provide training on your behalf. A trainer with TAE40110 certification is at your disposal to
    provide training sessions on your technical products to your clients, either at your premises or an arranged venue.
    Training is a powerful sales tool. Keep your products at the forefront of the market place by providing customer training. Talk to us about
    creating and presenting a training session for your customers. Click here for more information

    Get in touch with us using our handy or send a we look forward to hearing from you!

    We undertake repairs and upgrades to PC's
    Workshop and On-site service

    Programming service for:
    Software Applications
    Smartphone Apps
    Website Backend processing
    Automation Controllers
    Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Our highly qualified and skilled technicians will resolve your PC issues quickly  

  • Using the latest tools and equipment ensures you get fast results at a good rate

  • Our technicians carry popular spares and replacement parts, saving your time   

    When time is of the essence - then its time to call us!

  • Our design centre undertakes a design from initial concept through to the final product
    We sit with our clients every step of the way to ensure their idea is transcribed into a clear
    and precise specification

    Of paramount importance is ensuring that our client gets a cost effective quality product
    Discreet, Microprocessor, Analog, digital, RF, AF

    Every design progresses through various proto-typing stages until the product is perfected

    Only once both our client and us are satisfied that the design meets all criteria do we allow the proto type
    to enter into the maufacturing stage

    Courtesy: Edison library

    We manufacture products to suit the clients circumstance

    Small, medium or large production runs - no problem

    No run too small - no run too big, we do them all!

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    Body Fitness & Slimming

        Beauty Therapy    

    Valve Saver

    The BioQuip Professional INTENSE -V LED Light Therapy Instrument

    Modern advanced microprocessor technology enables this powerful machine to perform Skin Beauty treatment as one would expect from a professional piece of equipment.
    Designed for Professional Commercial use, its just as comfortable in a Home environment due to its compact size

    Designed and built in Australia, this machine is rugged and tough, yet cosmetically very eye pleasing. Best of all it's extremely functional and gets exceptional results due to its built-in micro-controlled programs and ease of operation!

    Here are some of the specifications:
    Biomedical Multiple Light Emission Therapy Device
    Construction: Mixed aluminum, mild steel acrylic and other, Powcer coated.
    Colours: Available in either White or Black
    Operating supply: 15 VDC @ 1.5A

    RED ~ 620nm
    GREEN ~ 502nm
    BLUE ~ 468nm
    AMBER ~ 590nm

    Ease of use is achieve via 5 push buttons and an LCD screen.
    Completely adjustable features include:
        Selectable RED-GREEN-BLUE-YELLOW and TOTAL treatment programs
        Selectable Treatment time 2 - 60 minutes
        10 selectable Frequency settings
        4 Power settings
    Other features include a Usage Hour Meter and LCD on-screen Help prompts
    The BioQuip INTENSE Professional - V design employs state of the art electronics to produce high intensity light emissions
    in the various light spectrums for use in the treatment of certain skin conditions.
    The packets of high intensity light emissions are created by a specially designed pulse technique to drive the array of 504
    super semiconductor light emitting diodes.
    The BioQuip INTENSE Professional - V can be positioned at almost any angle thanks to its flexible goose-neck mounting and
    strong mechanical clamp that enables it to be affixed to almost anything beside the fully adjustable easily stored stand.
    This machine is ideal for those wishing to set up a lucrative Professional Home Beauty Clinic
    Extend your profitability by fitting out your clinic with our EMS Body Toning/Weightloss machines as well! - this way while
    your client is relaxing being slimmed, they can have their skin treated. You can offer them a package deal - they score,
    you benefit financially!!
    Light Emitting Diode Therapy, commonly called LED Therapy, has proven to be an effective treatment for a number of common
    skin disorders.
    LED Therapy works by activating the skin cells by the application of pulses of light energy at specific frequencies.
    The cells convert the light energy into fuel which in turn stimulates the cells to produce proteins and lipids, essential
    for building and repairing the skin. LED Light Therapy has been shown to increase the rate of healing for a number of skin
    conditions, reduce associated inflammation, increase Collagen and Elastin production and promote anti-aging.
    Increased collagen has the effect of “filling” out the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while increased elastin helps
    to firm skin that has begun to sag. The LED Light Therapy process results in a skin with a more youthful, smoother,
    healthier and more radiant appearance.
    LED Light Therapy is so safe and easy to use:
        Non-invasive procedure – simply expose to the light source
        There is no “recovery” time required
        No scarring
        Absolutely painless, no discomfort
        No known side effects
    Common conditions treated by LED Light Therapy
        Fine lines and wrinkles
        Dehydrated skin
        Sun Damaged skin
        Aging  and scarring   
        Dark under-eye circles
        Blemishes and pigmentation
        Oily skin
        Broken capillaries
        Acne and  acne scars
        Redness and flushing
        Pimples, Psoriasis
        Brown spots from sun damage
        Large skin pores
        Sagging skin
     Price: AU$1150.00
        We supply Worldwide - Applicable shipping charges will apply to deliveries outside Australia.

    The BioQuip Professional Electronic Muscle Stimulator Burn off excess body fat - Tone muscles
    Modern advanced microprocessor technology enables this powerful machine to perform as one would expect from a professional piece of equipment. Deep penetrating Faradic-wave pulses applied to muscles via 16 (8 pairs) individually controllable flexible silicon rubberized pads have been selected and programmed for maximum muscle workout, yet delivering a satisfying sensation resulting in a pleasant relaxing and healing experience. Uses include muscle toning, weight control by reducing inches, athletes fine tuning, dancers streamlining their physique and many many more where the muscles in the body require to be exercised and worked. Designed for professional commercial use, its just as comfortable in a home environment due to its compact size of 310 x 225 x 90mm Designed and built right here in Australia, this machine is rugged and tough, yet cosmetically very eye pleasing. Best of all it's extremely functional and gets exceptional results due to its built-in micro- controlled programs and ease of operation! Used by so many Sportsmen and woman - Rugby, Footy, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and many others... to tone their muscles and firm up to enhance their performance The machine comes complete in a tough aluminium case along with a full set of 16 silicon rubberized pads, 10 straps, 8 super-strong flexible pad connecting cables, comprehensive user manual, quick reference card and a power pack suited to your local mains power supply, with a bonus conductive gel pack, Australian. Another feature of its design is the BioQuip 861A's safety and can be used on any country's mains power supply The microprocessor controller in the 861A automatically sets the pulses applied to the pads and changes the applied program every minute during the treatment time. Here are some of the specifications:
    Output wave form: Modified pulse train 63 to 100 Hz
    Output wave shape: Composite signal
    Pulse duration: 200uSec
    Pulse Mark-Space: Variable
    Applied amplitude: +/- 20V depending on load resistance
    Treatment Timing: 15 – 30 – 45 – 60 minutes selectable
    Individual Pad Pair adjustment
    Overall Intensity adjustment
    Preset Programs: 8 x Automatic
    Control: Microprocessor
    Finish: Powder coated aluminum / Acrylic
    This machine is idea for those wishing to set up a lucrative professional Home Clinic for muscle toning and slimming
    Extend your profitability by fitting your clinic out with our LED Light Therapy and Electronic Faradic Pulse Facial
    Massage machines - this way while your customer is relaxing being slimmed, they can have their skin treated.
    You can offer them a package deal - they score, you benefit financially!!
    Price: AU$1225.00
    We supply Worldwide - Shipping charges will apply to deliveries outside Australia.

    Faradic Wave Facial Massager Model PF-100
    Tighten Firm up and enhance the skin. Ideal for tonning the face in a hurry!


    Model PF-100
    Dimensions 160 x 90 x 100mm
    Weight less tan 1Kg (machine only)
    Operating voltage 12 volt DC
    Current consumption less than 300mA
    Power adapter Mains voltage / 12VDC@500mA via DC connector

    Output wave form Modified Faradic pulses train 130 ~ 40 Hz
    Output wave shape Composite signal
    Pulse duration 300uSec
    Pulse Mark-Space Variable
    Applied amplitude +/- 20V depending on load resistance

    Treatment Timing Continuous
    Preset Program Automatic
    Control Microprocessor
    Finish Powder coated aluminum / Acrylic

    Selectable Manual of Computer control
    Overall Intensity control
    Pulse output indication
    Power ON indicator
    300 microsecond Faradic-wave pulses
    Auto program change every 30 seconds
    Audio tone on automatic program change
    Microprocessor controlled program provides ten programs automatically
    Lightweight high efficiency Faradic Wave hand-piece applicator

    Every 30 seconds a beep will be heard as the program is automatically changed. The ten programs change in the following steps, altering the applied frequency to:
    130, 120, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40 Hertz

    When the Computer Control is in the MANUAL position a frequency of 100 Hertz is applied to the hand-piece.

    The pulses are especially designed to fade on and off so that the facial muscles are not subjected to harsh treatment – they are gently massaged with a composite Faradic Wave to tighten and tone the tissue.

    The PF-100 is a low maintenance instrument designed to occupy a small area and provide big features.
    Fortunately due to the rugged design no maintenance is required. There are no user serviceable components in the instrument so it should never be opened.

    CAUTIONS: NOTE: All EMS type machines are not suitable for people with heart conditions or pacemakers.
    In addition, such devices are not suitable for those with metal implants or with undiagnosed medical conditions.
    This machine and associated equipment should only be operated by suitably qualified persons.

    Price: AU$465.00
    We supply Worldwide - Shipping charges will apply to deliveries outside Australia.

    We repair Electronic Equipment to component level

    Our large stock of components, ranging from the latest to those belonging to bygone
    decades ensures a quick turn-around

    Our customers are saving $$$$thousands by having their expensive printed circuit
    boards repaired for re-use or as service exchange units.

    Repairs arrive by courier daily from all around the country

    We take pride in our quick turn around affordable service

    All work Guaranteed

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    Enhance any area with beutiful coloured lighting effects.

    Our Lotus RGB kit is so easy to install with great effective features

    The Lotus RGB Kit comes complete with a Multi-function controller, 8 x 30mm High
    Intensity LED Lights, 30 metres of cable and 12volt Power Supply as well as full easy
    to follow step-by-step installation instructions

    Turn your garden into a beautiful relaxing Wonderland
    Select a setting on the Controller to suit you mood or occassion
               * Fade through Colours
               * Halt on any colour mix           
               * Instant change between Red, Green and Blue
               * Auto Alternate Mode change            
               * Set the colour change speed to suit
    Check out this movie...
    - Controller Specification -
    Size : 110 x 60 x 30mm Weight : 0.25kg (approx) Enclosure : ABS Plastic Operating : 12volts DC Functions : Mode - Speed - Run/Pause - Reset Controls : Three seperate push buttons Mode/Speed/Run

    Available from us directly - AU$395.00
    Includes P + P

    We Design Develop and Deliver Technical Training Courses to suit Client requirements

    All training prepared and delivered by our Certified Professional Trainers
    with Training and Assesment qualification (TAE40110)

    Technical Product Training our Speciality

    Product training can be one of a company's most important assets.

    More often than not small, medium and sometimes even large organizations lose market share due to
    customers and clients not understanding the company's products.

    There is no better way to fast track a clients familiarity and resulting confidence in your product than
    to train them in the use of your product/s.

    We will develop and structure a Technical Course to best fit your company and its clients to suit any budget!

    We can conduct the training at your premises or we can arrange a suitable venue.

    Our trainers are all Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110) Certified.

    If you have staff that need to be Assessed for Certification of a Unit Competency, we can assisst.
    We are affiliated with a renown RTO (Registered Training Organization) to carry out assessments.

    Want to employ staff and uncertain of the validity of their qualifications?
    We can assist - we can officially certify qualifications as our assessment qualification encompasses
    the Australian National Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL)

    Contact us NOW to find out more and give your product the Market Edge through client confidence

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    The Valve Saver Kit comes complete ready to install
    Follow step-by-step installation instructions

    Valves are becoming very Expensive - Save them from Wear-and-Tear
    Now you can have this nifty circuit installed into your valve amplifier that will automatically
    turn your Standby ON and OFF thus saving those "Amplifier Punishments" when a standby
    switch is accidentally left ON and the amplifier is then turned ON.

    Switching a Valve amp on without the correct warm up period causes irreversible damage to
    expensive valves, especially those output valves such as 6L6, EL34, EL84, KT88, 6500 etc.
    Ideally suited to Valve Guitar Amps - but will operate in any valve amplifier. Microprocessor Controlled VALVE SAVER will protect your precious expensive equipment, as well as expensive
    repairs and valve replacements.

    Delivered in strong packaging with full installation instructions.

    Please see important note at end of text below....

    The valve saver will automatically turn your amplifier standby switch ON and OFF according to conditions: 2 minute warm-up period - prevents cold cathode sputter which destroys valves Places amplifier into Standby mode after 5 minutes of no activity - save Valve Electron Emission Ensures a warm up period even if amp was ON but power supply was interrupted Automatically turns Standby back ON again after 5 minute turn OFF if input is activated (guitar is strummed) Ideal for those who pack up hurriedly after a gig and forget to turn the standby switch off - Now you can take good care of those valves and give them a longer life. Take a look at a Marshall JCM 2000 a Valve Saver installed!! Be amongst the first to experience this BRAND NEW INNOVATION - never before done! The following is a bit of information you might find useful about valves..... NOTE: This is a very brief description in non-technical terms to answer a common question. Valves or Tubes? - same thing, in the UK they are Valves, in America Tubes, take your pick wherever you are in the World! The reason why valves need to be warmed up before they are used: A valve comprises a number of elements enclosed in a glass envelope. At the base there are pins that connect these internal elements to the outside world, the circuitry that makes them work. Valves are used to amplify signals, that is, take a small input voltage, and turn it into a large audio output signal that is applied to a loudspeaker. Of course there are many other components in an amplifier that contribute. A valve requires a high voltage to be applied to it in order for it to function. As well as the high voltage, it also requires a low voltage used to heat it up so that it can function. The low voltage heats an element appropriately named the "Heater". The heater heats up an element located very close to it named a "Cathode". The cathode is coated with a chemical compound that when heated emits electrons. This cloud of emitted electrons is called a Space Charge. The element furthermost from the cathode is the "Anode". When a high positive voltage is applied to the anode the electrons emitted from the cathode are attracted to it. This flow of electrons from cathode to anode is what enabled the valve to amplify signals. The other elements within the valve envelope are typically the control grid, the screen grid and suppressor grid. The control grid controls (varies) the flow of electrons from cathode to anode in accordance with the input signal applied to it. Thus the valve is controlled. All the above are encased in the glass envelope that has all the air removed - the inside of a valve is a high vacuum. For the purpose of this exercise there is no need to go into any further discussion regarding the other elements. As can be seen from the explanation above, if the valves are not heated up, no electrons will be emitted from the cathode and therefore no functionality can take place. So what's so important about warming the valve up? We described the cathode earlier - remember, it has a coating that emits electrons when heated, and they get attracted to the anode when a high positive voltage (HT) is applied to the anode. Now if the cathode has not been warmed up and no or few electrons have been released, then when the high voltage is applied to the anode an electrostatic bombardment of ions from the anode will pulverize the cathode with great velocity, causing damage to the cathode coating by knocking pieces of it off - this is known as "sputter" and dramatically reduces the life of a valve. In many cases you will find there is no standby switch on an amplifier. Generally this is the case in lower power amplifiers where the anode voltage is not of high enough potential to cause this condition when the valve is not heated. What warm-up time is required? This question is probably the most asked by customers, in news groups and elsewhere. A point of much confusion. Valves commonly in use today are of the indirectly heated cathode variety. From initial turn-on until the time the cathode is warm enough to emit a cloud of electrons is little more than a few seconds. So one could in practice apply the HT voltage after say 15 seconds. However, to be extra safe, a period of no more than 2 minutes is more than adequate. In fact varying the heater voltage and subsequent cathode temperature a few degrees has no effect at all on a good valves performance what so ever. Many Valve Testers (equipment used in workshops for testing valves) have a "Life" switch on them which when operated lowers the heater voltage (from 6.3 to 5.0volts for some valves) to purposely reduce the cathode temperature. Under this test condition, the performance reading on the instrument scale is observed, and if the valves emission is good then there is no reduction in reading. If the reading falls away a bit, it means that the valves electron emission capability is getting low, therefore its life expectancy is nearing its end. Tonal Quality when Warm or Hot? Technically no difference. You sometimes hear guitarists say that their amplifier sounds much better after an hour, some say after three to four hours!! Perhaps in some cases it is more psychological than technical. One should also bare in mind that the individual player "loosens up" after a period, and perhaps the "sound" of the amplifier has more to do with this than hot valves! Protecting valves from being turned on when cold really only relates to the output valves. They are the ones which get the real high voltage applied to them, and do all the hard work, providing the power output that drives the loudspeaker. Pre-amplifier valves such as 12AX7 etc. operate with relatively low voltages applied to their anodes, and therefore can have HT voltage applied to them from cold. A VALVE SAVER by contact51 will save you heaps of $$$$$ by saving them from wear-and-tear and premature expensive failure! IMPORTANT: Valve amplifiers operate on hazardous high voltages. Accordingly the VALVE SAVER should be installed by a professional Technician or other suitably qualified person. Installation takes on average one hour. - Specification - Size : PCB 110 x 60 x 30mm Weight : 0.15kg (approx) Enclosure : Open Printed Circuit Board Operating : 6.3 volts AC from amplifier heater circuit Functions : Automatic HT turn off (standby) Controls : Automatic Available from us directly - AU$65.00 Includes P + P

    Here are a few of our valued clients

    Alive Clinics - Skin Cancer treatment centre
    Mills-Tui Bus and Body Builders
    Checkpoint - Leaders in Loss control Equipment
    Showorks - Gaming Machine Manufacturers
    Hunt Agencies - Plastic molding machinery
    Jett Fitness - The Gym to keep you fit
    Alto Plastics - Plastic goods manufacturers
    Skin02 - Skin treatment therapists
    RBS - Labelling, Printing, Bar Code equipment
    Scotco Products

    A few of the many items we repair for our satisfied clients

    Plastic Injection Molding machine control boards
    Electronic Area Surveillance control cards
    Zone monitors for Injection molding
    Automation controls for Fire engines
    Retro-fitting of obsolete equipment
    Emissions Analyzers
    Medical and Hospital equipment
    Autoclaves for medical use
    Ancillary equipment for the plastics industry
    Automotive industry test equipment
    Programable Logic Controllers
    Who remembers KITT from Knigh Rider? We service his dashboard
    Electronic lockers
    We designed and developed the LED lights

    Some useful software

    Calculate dimensions for RF coilsRFCOIL
    Calculate the RMS power output of an amplifierRMS
    Toast Masters timing lightToast Masters Light
    Calculate Heatsink sizeHeatsink Calculator
    A Tag + Test registerTest and Tag
    Manufacturing data software for TOYO(R)Injection MoldersTOYO Monitor
    Ideal for LED installations. Wire size calculatorWire Size Calculator


    Size : 190(w) x 110(h) x 60(d)mm
    Weight : < 1kg
    Operating Voltage: 5v DC
    190(w) x 110(h) x 60(d)millimetres
    Hand selected timber
    Beautiful Maple finish
    7 selectable functions
    Easy One-Touch menu select
    Complete with power adapter
    Designed and Made in Australia

    Take a piece of paper and mark out an area 140 x 50 millimetres.
    This is the maximum size to enter your required text - do not exceed! Stay withing the boundary.
    Using a pencil write in the text you want.. remember that the text is wider than a pencil line, so make your text thicker!!
    This will give you and idea as how your text will fit your TONTO LIGHT
    When you are satisfied that the text fits as you want, place your order via PayPal.
    Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your text and send you a PROOF for you to confirm
    before we process your order
    Price: $69.95 plus $5.95 postage and handling ($75.90 total)
    Name or Text to Engrave

    Audio Induction Loop Systems for Hearing Aids

    An Audio Induction Loop (also known as a Hearing Loop) System delivers sound that's customized by one's hearing aids for one's own ears. It requires no fuss with extra equipment. And rather than plugging one'ears, it allows use of a mic + telecoil (M/T) setting, enabling one to hear the room conversation or one's phone ringing. In public settings, their main advantage is that, when not hearing well, people need only activate their telecoils. There's no need to get up, seek out, and wear conspicuous equipment (which few people with hearing loss take the initiative to do). Additionally, the sound is contained in one's ear, without bothering others nearby. There is no need to juggle between headsets and hearing aids (during, say, a worship service). And there are no hygienic concerns about putting in or on one's ear what has been around others' ears.

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    Q: What is a Loop System?
    A: Take a look at the following video......

    0424521745 or 07-56301638 Brisbane and Gold Coast areas
    We install systems and sell a range of equipment for home and commercial applications

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  • Loops
  • Accessories
  • Loops can be installed in....
  • Home Theatre
  • Home TV lounge
  • Office counters
  • Bank Teller counters
  • Public Halls
  • Libraries
  • Meeting rooms
  • Supermarkets
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